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Well-being and beauty are two closely interconnected concepts that ARVEA Nature has dedicated all its research and innovation to. With natural or naturally derived ingredients, all our products will be your best ally for a healthier and more enjoyable daily life.

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It is with great pride that we offer you a wide range of over a hundred products, all reflecting our authenticity and generosity. All our products have undergone rigorous reliability and compliance testing in specialized laboratories.

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Whether you want to develop your personal and professional skills, supplement your income, or view this opportunity as a source of financial freedom, we invite you to embark on a career where no prior experience is required and there are no financial risks to be taken.

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    For over 10 years, our teams have been driven by a single determination: to improve your well-being and quality of life. We are guided by a prior...

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    Our Story The Founder Sadok LARIBI, the founder of ARVEA Nature, has always been passionate about creating an international brand with universal...

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    The Family Spirit at ARVEA Nature: It is true that the success of ARVEA Nature relies on the high quality and diversity of its products. However,...

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It is with great honor that  ARVEA Nature brand is awarded Product of the Year 2024 at the 9th edition of the 'Best Product of the Year' competition.
We are delighted to have secured two distinctions:

  • The Pain Relief Cream in 100ml and 200ml sizes, for the 6th consecutive year,
  • The Face Serum from our HYDRA-DEEP Range.

As every year, the brand ARVEA Nature embarks on the adventure of the “Elu product of the year” competition  and has the enormous pleasure of owning 4 products among the lucky ones of the year 2023. A consecration that remains a criterion of choice confirming, once again, the success of the brand.

  • the 5th consecutive time, the Pain Releif Cream 100ml and 200 ml,
  • Miracle shower lotion,
  • the 2nd consecutive time, the Miracle Cream large and small model,
  • Roll on Miracle.

Through the 6week National Product of the Year Elected Survey, which allowed more than 5,000 consumers to choose and elect their favorite products and the best customer services of the year, ARVEA Nature was awarded for:

  • the 4th consecutive time, the Pain Releif Cream,
  • Miracle cream ARVEA,
  • For the 2nd consecutive time, ARVEA was voted “Best Customer Service of the Year 2021”, among all national and international companies operating in the Tunisian market, in the category of Direct Sales.

ARVEA Nature is writing a new chapter in its history.

In addition to two products elected “Product of the Year”, a new consecration is added to its list: ARVEA Nature is now voted “BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF THE YEAR 2021”, among all the national and international companies operating in the Tunisian market, in the category of Direct Sales.

  • the 3rd consecutive time, the Pain Releif Cream,
  • Cleansing gel
  • Best Customer Service of the year 2021, among all national and international companies operating in the Tunisian market, in the category of Direct Sales.

ARVEA Nature is the most rewarded company compared to all other companies, regardless of their business models, both national and international, operating in the local market.

  • Toothpaste,
  • After shave cream
  • Oil replacement,
  • the 2nd consecutive time, the Pain Releif Cream,
  • the three Roll On (Vanilla, Ocean, Citrus).

Making customer satisfaction its first and last priority, it was obvious that ARVEA Nature adheres to the

 concept of the “Elu Product of the Year” competition to be able to position itself, compare itself and be

 recognized on the local market.

All things considered, the brand was honored, during its very first participation, by the reward of two of its


  • Pain Relief cream, in 100ml and 200ml format,
  • Slimming Cure: Pule Aloe Vera Slimming Gel (this product is sold more) + Slimy 3 + Cut appetite.